Maricopa Security Breach

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The Vice-Chancellor of IT knew about the breach – Letter to the organization

The MCCCD Administration has repeatedly said in the press that they did not know how extensive the 2011 breach was.  They go on to say that they were never told how significant this breach was.  Furthermore, they seem to be set in their ways to blame the very same employees that warned them well in advance of the 2013 incident.  The following letter was sent in March 2011 from Vice-Chancellor of IT George Kahkejian to the entire Maricopa Community. It appears that he was very well aware of the details, the magnitude, the involvement of a consulting firm and many other aspects of the investigation.  It is hard to believe that the Chancellor did not see this email. It was sent to ALL MCCCD employees. It is hard to believe that Chancellor Rufus Glasper did not communicate with Mr. Kahkejian in a matter of such importance where even the FBI was involved. The MCCCD Administration is in denial and looking for a scapegoats.  If only they had done what they said they would.

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See timeline of events for this security breach from 2011 to 2014 

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