MCCCD Security Breach – Timeline of Events

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The following timeline outlines events that took place between January 2011 and Feb 2014 regarding the MCCCD security breach. These events ultimately led to the largest security breaches in the history of Maricopa Community College. This timeline will be updated regularly as new events develop. Stay tuned!

Here is a visual representation of the core events.

Maricopa Security Incident Chronology of Events

 Date                      Event                                                                                                          


Maricopa main webservers compromised.  

Maricopa security monitoring  system (OVIS) compromised.

None of the ERP Systems were compromised at this time.


Data from multiple schools  including MCCCD reported as being available for sale.  Vice-Chancellor of ITS notified.


Root cause for webserver compromise quickly identified by existing IT Staff and action items for remediation outlined.   Remediation efforts were later delayed for months.


Vice Chancellor of IT informed by Director Earl Monsour of security 

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