Maricopa Security Breach

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Miguel Corzo speaks to Governing Board | Maricopa Security Breach

The Governing Board voted on 7/22/2014 to terminate Miguel Corzo. The entire video of the Board meeting is now available here.  

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- ‘MCCCD Breach: View from the underbus
- 3 TV – AZ Family ‘School fires IT manager who warned of breach

Board Members were operating with inaccurate and incomplete information

  • MCCCD refuses to call Mr. Corzo’s witnesses
  • MCCCD  refuses to provide Mr. Corzo with public records
  • MCCCD had been breaking OML laws since April 2013
  • Board-established employee policies violated
  • Mr. Corzo civil rights and due process violated
  • Board Members silenced
  • MCCCD  unwilling to provide any evidence to support their accusations
  • MCCCD Board Member misinformed about database ownership in Stach and Liu report. Not a single database was mentioned by name in that report.
  • Famous Stach & Liu report of 2011 was a 13 page PowerPoint pointing to network and security issues. All databases in the report resided on the compromised webservers only.
  • MCCCD ignores content of signed and dated IT Grievance that will hold up in Court.
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Comments made to the board are inappropriate | Unethical behavior at MCCCD

Taxpayers may have to foot a bigger bill to cover legal expenses related to the Maricopa Community Colleges data security breach.

“I think it’s kind of unethical to leave a firm to take your biggest client with you and plant yourself to say you’re a local law firm,” Lumm told ABC15.

It appears that the MCCCD Administration is partnering with their out of state lawyers from Wilson Elser to deceive the MCCCD Governing Board.  ABC 15 tells the story.

See the latest video by ABC 15 on this ongoing mess with MCCCD.