Letter sent from MCCCD to employees to turn over documents

Here is the letter employees received from Jim Bowers, Interim VC of HR at Maricopa Community College District to turn over documents and any confidential and higly sensitive information regarding the MCCCD network.

These letters contain additional threats of disciplinary action. MCCCD has not only denied employees the opportunity to obtain documents necessary to defend themselves, they are now threatening with additional disciplinary actions if the employees do not surrender the few documents that they have and have officially obtained via records request.  These documents are proof that the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of ITS were told about the security breaches that ultimately led to the 2013 incident. These documents do not contain any sensitive network information that would put the public at risk.  The biggest risk to the public is an administration that does not listen to their employees and fail to follow establish policy meant to protect the organization.

Mr. Monsour and Mr. Corzo were not responsible for the Network at MCCCD. All sensitive information about the MCCCD network resides with MCCCD and the individuals in charge of the Network.

ITS at MCCCD has seen nearly a 50% attrition. Nearly 60 employees have left the department since 2011.  MCCCD has publicly shared information about its network and vulnerabilities.  MCCCD has publicly acknowledge in the Board minutes from 11/2013 that its environment may not be secured (See below).  These factors by themselves present more risk to the public than anything else.
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