Maricopa Security Breach

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MCCCD Employee Hearing Rigged! – Maricopa Security Breach

The Monday hearing (3/31) to decide the future of one remaining MCCCD employee who is fighting the MCCCD administration over the security breach in 2013 was little more than a kangaroo court according to witnesses. While the District has reportedly either worked out deals or forced resignation from several employees, the whistleblower in the case; Miguel Corzo, was denied a chance to even defend himself in the Monday hearing.


MCCCD sued over public records | Maricopa Security Breach

MCCCD sued by local lawfirm over public records. Recent articles in the front page of the Arizona RepublicArizona Daily Independent and tell the story.

This entire incident could have been avoided had Dr. Glasper and the District Administration taken action in a simple internal grievance document filed by employees back in 2012 to alert the District of the security issues. Policies were ignored by Glasper. The Administration ignored letter after letter from concerned employees like Teresa Toney (Public Stewardship), Kerry Mitchell and Cecilia Quiroz (Presidents of employee groups), IT employees, community members and former employees who tried to raised flags before they left.  Read the entire chronology of events here.

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Millions in taxpayer dollars and employee time are now going towards handling the mismanagement of this situation. Employees are leaving the organization and MCCCD faces heavy penalties and expensive lawsuits.


MCCCD employees denied due process | Security Breach

Maricopa Community College District (MCCCD) employees are being denied legal rights to due process by the MCCCD Administration and the hearing committee. MCCCD refuses to comply with employee request to access to public records in order to defend themselves in a public hearing.  Lawsuits are now being filed in court to resolve this matter. MCCCD employees have not received ‘a single’ document since their records request was made months ago. Furthermore, MCCCD appears to have failed to notify their employees of records request as requested in order to preserve evidence. A recent article in the front page of the Arizona RepublicArizona Daily Independent and tell the story.

The following string of emails represent communications between Mr. Galvan and the hearing committee at MCCCD handling the security breach. Additional communication between these two parties will take place this week. We will post the information as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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  • When an edicational institution is not transparent with the public, it is safe to assume that they have something to hide.
  • The matter of public records request is now in court and Mr. Lee Combs, legal counsel for MCCCD, is being sued for MCCCD refusal to turn over public records. Other lawsuits are on the way.
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MCCCD Recall | Security Breach | Public Records

Maricopa County Community College District has issued a recall of Public Records that they released to the public. Below is another letter from the MCCCD Administration received today (3/7/2014). It remains as vague and as threatening as the original request.


They are yet to provide us public records needed for Mr. Corzo and Mr. Monsour defense (see related blog). Now, MCCCD appears to be recalling records Mr. Corzo and Mr. Monsour originally obtained and paid for via a formal request for public records . It sounds like they want to make a determination whether those records they released back in 2012 are indeed ‘sensitive and confidential’

District letter2

None of the record released via public records request contain sensitive and confidential information.

When they released public records, they already made the determination that the information in those records was neither sensitive nor confidential.  All these records have been filed with the Federal Government in an EEOC Complaint.

Last but not least, these records are simply proof that someone did not follow policy (see recent ‘MCCCD Policies ignored by Glasper) and that lack of action eventually led MCCCD to the most expensive security breach in their history.  It looks like MCCCD wants to collect all incriminating evidence that their administration did not follow their own policy.
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