MCCCD Recall | Security Breach | Public Records

Maricopa County Community College District has issued a recall of Public Records that they released to the public. Below is another letter from the MCCCD Administration received today (3/7/2014). It remains as vague and as threatening as the original request.


They are yet to provide us public records needed for Mr. Corzo and Mr. Monsour defense (see related blog). Now, MCCCD appears to be recalling records Mr. Corzo and Mr. Monsour originally obtained and paid for via a formal request for public records . It sounds like they want to make a determination whether those records they released back in 2012 are indeed ‘sensitive and confidential’

District letter2

None of the record released via public records request contain sensitive and confidential information.

When they released public records, they already made the determination that the information in those records was neither sensitive nor confidential.  All these records have been filed with the Federal Government in an EEOC Complaint.

Last but not least, these records are simply proof that someone did not follow policy (see recent ‘MCCCD Policies ignored by Glasper) and that lack of action eventually led MCCCD to the most expensive security breach in their history.  It looks like MCCCD wants to collect all incriminating evidence that their administration did not follow their own policy.
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