Miguel Corzo speaks to Governing Board | Maricopa Security Breach

The Governing Board voted on 7/22/2014 to terminate Miguel Corzo. The entire video of the Board meeting is now available here.  

Follow-up articles:
- The Arizona Daily Independent ‘MCCCD denies due process, fires whistleblower’
- Az Central Maricopa Hacking Scandal: Same Old Excuses’
- Databreaches.net ‘MCCCD Breach: View from the underbus
- 3 TV – AZ Family ‘School fires IT manager who warned of breach

Board Members were operating with inaccurate and incomplete information

  • MCCCD refuses to call Mr. Corzo’s witnesses
  • MCCCD  refuses to provide Mr. Corzo with public records
  • MCCCD had been breaking OML laws since April 2013
  • Board-established employee policies violated
  • Mr. Corzo civil rights and due process violated
  • Board Members silenced
  • MCCCD  unwilling to provide any evidence to support their accusations
  • MCCCD Board Member misinformed about database ownership in Stach and Liu report. Not a single database was mentioned by name in that report.
  • Famous Stach & Liu report of 2011 was a 13 page PowerPoint pointing to network and security issues. All databases in the report resided on the compromised webservers only.
  • MCCCD ignores content of signed and dated IT Grievance that will hold up in Court.
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