Maricopa Security Breach

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2nd Class Action Lawsuit Filed | Billions more | MCCCD Breach

If one class action lawsuit for over $6 billion wasn’t enough, Hagen Berman Sobol Shapiro now joins G&K in filing a second class action lawsuit filed against Maricopa Community College District.

Number of clients represented: 2.5 million
Counts:  Negligence, Breach of contract
Damages: TBD x 2.5 million people (Billions)
Our sources indicate that other lawsuits are in the process of being filed.
At this rate, the number of lawyers, depositions, lawsuits, records requests, loss in enrollment and other factors are likely to overwhelm the MCCCD Administration and distract it from its mission.  The MCCCD Board seems complacent at this point.
A user in an online forum put it this way:

“Maricopa did far more than just have a breach. They had one in 2011 and failed to fix the problem, resulting in another breach in 2013 that they then took another 7 months to notify users about. The second breach affected 2.4 million users.

I am a class rep on this suit and have had my identity stolen as a result of this breach. My social security number will never be safe again and I will be dealing with the repercussions indefinitely. $2500 is chump change.

The lesson for all institutions is that how you handle a breach is incredibly important. By not dealing with it, covering it up and now trying to scapegoat it personnel, maricopa has hurt their credibility, angered people who would otherwise have been sympathetic and made the situation far worse”
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MCCCD – The Year of Living Dangerously | Under New Management

Here a new article on the history of the MCCCD security breach, the cost of the failure to respond and the current state of affairs.

Today, 4/29/2014, Earl Monsour is being deposed at the Gallagher and Kennedy Office in Phoenix, Az. A deposition that may last a couple of days if not longer. This is just the beginning, one of hundreds of individuals who will have to be deposed. Lawyers and more lawyers (9-10 today only) are involved at an hourly rate of approximately $300+/hr.  A bill MCCCD will end up paying with taxpayer dollars if they lose these cases in court.

MCCCD lawyers are working around the clock trying to hide the truth from the public hoping that a judge will support the complete lack of transparency of a publicly funded institution. A few days ago, the Governing Board approved a $3 tuition increase to generate millions of dollars of new revenue.  Students who already registered and paid for their Fall semester will receive a new bill and hopefully not be dropped from classes when MCCCD runs their dreaded ‘purge’.  New students will need to pay a bit more if they want to attend. All of this, while MCCCD sits on top of a large sum of cash totaling nearly $500 million (see The Bulging Cash Hoard at MCCCD).  It begs the questions, who is the MCCCD Governing Board serving? What is the mission of the institution? Why are you asking for more money when you have so much?  Are you trying to keep that infamous bond rating at the expense of the community?
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