Maricopa Security Breach

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MCCCD Employee Hearing Rigged! – Maricopa Security Breach

The Monday hearing (3/31) to decide the future of one remaining MCCCD employee who is fighting the MCCCD administration over the security breach in 2013 was little more than a kangaroo court according to witnesses. While the District has reportedly either worked out deals or forced resignation from several employees, the whistleblower in the case; Miguel Corzo, was denied a chance to even defend himself in the Monday hearing.


New article on MCCCD Security Breach and lawsuit

Here is extensive coverage on the lawsuit recently filed and other information related to the MCCCD security breach. The entire lawsuit is available for download



ABC 15 Coverage – Maricopa County Community College security breach update: Workers told to turn over documents

Here is today’s News 15 coverage on the MCCCD security breach

MCCCD employees have received a letter from James Bowers, Interim VC of HR requesting that documents be turned over to the District.   Here is a brief synopsis:

1.  MCCCD has not provided employees access to records they need for their defense.  It has now been nearly a month an a half since records were requested.  The official records request sent to MCCCD in mid-January will be posted here shortly. No response or acknowledgment has been received from MCCCD.

2.  To make things worse, MCCCD now wants employees to return records they obtained via official records request regarding the security breach.

3.  Neither Mr. Corzo or Mr. Monsour have any sensitive information about the MCCCD Network. At the time of the incident, the responsibility, access and knowledge of the MCCCD network rested with another Director in the organization.  The harm has been done by MCCCD failure to act on information provided.  The harm to MCCCD now goes beyond a security breach.

4.  The press has been stonewalled when it comes to records request as well and little or nothing has been provided. MCCCD claims that documents are confidential and cannot be provided due to the hearing even though employees have waived their rights to confidentiality. We will post the letter from MCCCD here as well as the employee response.
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