Kroll finds that employee did nothing wrong | MCCCD blames employee

Here is a recording from an interview where Mr. Corzo, the person who tried to warn the District before the 2013 incident happened, is being told that ‘he did nothing wrong’. MCCCD is still proceeding with efforts to blame Mr. Corzo for the 2013 incident. The MCCCD Administration refuses to take responsibility.

This interview took place in Nov 2013. In attendance were James Bowers, Interim VC of HR, Kroll lead investigator (speaking on recording), Kerry Mitchell, ex-MAT President and Mr. Corzo’s representative.

A few points to read before you play the tape:

1. The 1098-T database they mention in the tape and are trying to pin on Mr. Corzo WAS NOT one of the databases he managed at the time. This database was managed by another IT Director (who recently resigned) and the Marketing Department. Neither Mr. Corzo nor his staff had access to that database or the computer it resided on.

2. Mr. Corzo nominated someone from his team as requested by Mr. Monsour to be part of the investigation team in 2011. That person did what she was asked to do and communicated with Mr. Corzo several times a day. None of the ERP databases Mr. Corzo managed at the time (SIS, HR, CFS) were compromised.
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