Hearing Rigged – Response from Mr. Galvan

In April 3rd, 2014, a few days after Miguel Corzo and Galvan (Corzo’s lawyer) left a hearing that had apparently been rigged to benefit the District Administration, conceal evidence from ever being made public and keep witnesses, including Rufus Glasper, from testifying, Mr. Galvan sent this letter to MCCCD.

From: Richard Galvan <rjgalvanlaw@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 4:58 PM
Subject: MCCCD Hearing
To: Lee Combs <lee.combs@domail.maricopa.edu>, James Tucker <James.Tucker@wilsonelser.com>

Response to your email dated April 1, 2014


It is Mr. Corzo’s position that these proceedings are fatally flawed and, consequently he refused to participate in the March 31st hearing.  The bases and reasoning for his position include:

1.  The District’s unlawful refusal to provide Mr. Corzo with the public records he requested nearly 3 months ago pursuant to the Arizona Public Records Law.

2.  In violating the law, the District not only failed to produce the documents, but it failed to provide Mr. Corzo, in accordance with the Arizona Public Records Law, with an index of all the public records subject to his requests along with the individualized reason why the District denied production of each paticular document.
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