MCCCD security breach update – and then there were two

EPIC urges FTC to investigate

And then there were two…

In what appears to be a renewed interest in the MCCCD security breach case, a new FTC complaint has now been filed by EPIC about this now “EPIC” college breach story that may set a precedence for compliance in educational institutions across the country. They now joined a previous FTC complaint filed by


EPIC is a public interest research center located in Washington, DC. They focus on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues and is a leading advocate before the FTC. EPIC has previously testified before Congress on the need for financial institutions and companies to protect consumers against data breaches.

If these FTC complaints hold sway with the FTC, this could turn into the most significant breach in the world of education and bring about a sea of change. These complaints claim that MCCCD is to be held responsible under the ‘Safeguard Rule” of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GBL) Act.

Here is the latest information.

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