Maricopa Security Breach

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MCCCD mismanagement leads to $4 million fine

MCCCD mismanagement of national service funds leads to a Justice Department investigation that ultimately lands MCCCD with a $4 million fine. The whistleblower in this case was not punished, however it took government intervention for the MCCCD Administration to be exposed.  Even then, they continue to use taxpayer dollars to pay a $4 million fine without accepting any responsibility.

In a similar case of whistleblowing, several FTC complaints have been filed against MCCCD regarding the MCCCD security breach.  This was the largest breach in Education in the country and another case of mismanagement and scapegoating of employees. This breach impacted over 2 million people. In this case, the whistleblower was punished and the administration continues to deny any responsibility, a costly pattern of behavior.

The most recent FTC complaint was filed by EPIC, a non-profit organization based out of Washington, DC.  It alleges violation of the Safeguard Rules, another apparent case of mismanagement at MCCCD that could result in more hefty fines and public embarrasment. The security breach has cost Maricopa taxpayers upwards of $20 million and the court cases are in their infancy. A class action lawsuit of over $6 billion dollars representing all those impacted by the breach is now in Federal court. Other lawsuits will follow.

The reputation of MCCCD has been tarnished lately by a series of public scandals focused on mismanagement of public funds and use of taxpayer dollars to pay for the Administration’s mistake.

This pattern of denial has gone unchecked for several years under the current Administration until now. The public is outraged and ready for change.  They have recently shown their disastifaction by voting new Board members into office. These new Board members appear willing to hold the Maricopa Community College Administration accountable. It is time someone brings MCCCD back to the place it once was, a transparent and fiscally responsible institution serving our community.

It seems ironic that in a case this large another college President gets to take the hit, yet the person who is ultimately responsible for ‘everything’ that happens at MCCCD is not even mentioned. MCCCD continued use of taxpayer dollars to settle their mistakes without accepting responsibilty is a disgrace. Where does the buck stop at MCCCD? Is this where student tuition and property taxes are going at MCCCD?

E.J. Montini couldn’t have put it better in the

“Hunt’s story is a lesson worth teaching at every community college and at every other educational institution. It comes in two parts:

1. Doing the right thing is its own reward.
2. Every once in awhile, it really, really pays”

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