Maricopa Security Breach

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MCCCD Employees respond to Mr. James Bowers request for documents

Here is the response letter that both Mr. Monsour and Mr. Corzo sent to Jim Bowers by 5pm on 3/4/2013.

Mr Bowers, Interim VC of HR for MCCCD, demanded that Mr. Corzo and Mr. Monsour turn over “possession of highly sensitive and confidential information and documents proprietary to Maricopa Community College District”  & “documents that contain sensitive information about the district’s network”.

Neither Mr. Monsour or Mr. Corzo were in charge of the Network at MCCCD at the time of the 2011 or 2013 incidents. They don’t have any documents containing sensitive information about the district network.  These documents reside with the network team at MCCCD and the Director in charge of the network infrastructure.  Mr. Monsour has been on medical leave since Fall 2012 and Mr. Corzo has never been in charge of the MCCCD network.  These letter is retaliatory in nature and another attempt at intimidating employees. This is one of the reasons why ITS has lost nearly 50% of their staff since 2011.

Mr. James Bowers
Interim Vice Chancellor Human Resources
Maricopa County Community College District

Mr. Bowers;

This letter responds to your February 28, 2014, letter demanding that I turn over “possession of highly sensitive and confidential information and documents proprietary to Maricopa Community College District.”  Without more specificity as to the documents you seek, I am unable to provide you with any documents.

Rest assured the documentation I possess was at no time or is no longer highly sensitive, proprietary or confidential computer security information.  The District has publicly disclosed the former risks, and revealed that the risks had been resolved, in their statements to the various state Attorney Generals, and to the current and former employees and students of the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). Nothing has been communicated to anyone outside of MCCCD other than the confirmation of those previous risks referred to and apparent lack of action following the 2011 event that MCCCD itself also publicized in its various communications in November 2013. Therefore, this information cannot be considered proprietary or confidential under the law.

The information I possess was primarily obtained, and paid for, through official records requests made per the State of Arizona and MCCCD laws and procedures, by employees and employee policy groups in 2012, in preparation for formal and informal processes covered by MCCCD policies, both internal and external to the institution. Others were obtained through sources such as open emails and attachments, personal logs, etc. Included in the resulting activities were written and oral notifications to the public body of MCCCD of alleged violations of mismanagement, gross waste of monies and abuse of authority.

Notifications of these allegations were made to the Manager of MCCCD EEO/AA office, the Chancellor of MCCCD, and the Governing Board of MCCCD and their assigned, authorized investigators. Since that time, and until the information in question was openly communicated by the various and widespread MCCCD communications in November 2013, which under anyone’s analysis would provide for “declassification” of said information, no highly sensitive, proprietary or confidential documents or discussions were shared with unauthorized persons.

What I have related above you already know to be accurate.  Hence, the letter must be part of the ongoing campaign against me by MCCCD and its agents. Any further harassment or retaliatory actions taken against me by MCCCD or its agents due to my pursuit of these allegations of mismanagement will be considered “reprisal” and charges will be filed with the EEOC for Retaliation.


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