Maricopa Security Breach

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Grievance escalated to Board – MCCCD still at risk

The email below was recently sent to the MCCCD Governing Board.
Its purpose was to escalate the IT Grievance that could have prevented the 2013 breach to the attention of the MCCCD Governing Board.

Chancellor Glasper never responded to this Grievance.  By policy, Dr. Glasper had 10 days since initial filing (10/2012) to address the issues in the grievance.  Over a year has passed and no answer has been received by employees.

In addition to MCCCD policy violations, employee’s First Amendment Rights have been violated.   The right to petition government for redress of grievances is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one’s government, without fear of punishment or reprisals.  Several employees who filed this grievance have been forced to retire early or are now being terminated by MCCCD.

ITS Grievance redacted

Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 7:47 PM
Subject: Escalation of ITS Grievance to Governing Board Members

Members of the Board,

Per MAT policy, we are now escalating the attached employee grievance to you, the MCCCD Governing Board.

Several members of ITS filed a critical grievance in October 2012 with the MCCCD Administration. This grievance has been escalated to all levels of management in the organization and we have not received a response to date. Several letters (see attached) were sent to the Dr.Glasper and Mr. Bowers by our MAT and PSA representatives requesting a response (see attached) and offering assistance.
At this time and a nearly a year and a half after this grievance was filed, nearly all warnings/issues raised in this grievance have now materialized at great financial costs to the institution.  In addition, nearly all ITS members who filed this grievance have either resigned, forced to retire or are facing disciplinary action up to an including termination.
This grievance is significant because it is the official document that could have prevented many of the issues that have plagued the District for the last few years. It is now costing MCCCD millions of dollars to resolve these issues. Here is what this grievance was meant to prevent/address:
  • The security breach of 2013 could have been prevented.
  • The millions of dollars now spent with this breach could have been prevented.
  • The millions of dollars wasted in failed BOND projects (CFS) mentioned in this grievance could have been saved.
  • Lawsuits now filed against MCCCD could have been avoided.
  • EEOC and other complaints regarding retaliation, mismanagement, abuse of authority, scapegoating and other matters could have been avoided.
  • AZ Public Record laws and related financial penalties that MCCCD recently broke to protect itself could have been avoided.
  • Management issues that led to spending millions in IT consultants could have been averted.
  • Policy violations could have been avoided.
  • The attrition of over 50% of the ITS department over the last 2 years could have been avoided.
  • Millions to be spent on retraining and rehiring of IT employees could have been put to better use in the classroom.
  • Millions to be spend on outsourcing of IT systems could have been directed towards hiring part time faculty.
  • The damage to MCCCD reputation with our community could have been avoided.
  • The impact to our future bond election is incalculable and yet to be determined.
It is not too late.  You must act NOW to address this grievance and save MCCCD from further financial damages. 
MCCCD employees paid a hefty price emotionally, personally and professionally when they filed this grievance to save MCCCD millions of dollars. We followed every process in place at MCCCD and we gave the Chancellor every opportunity to respond(18+ months).  As you can see in the emails attached, Dr. Glasper, was encouraged multiple times to respond to this grievance. He indicated he would do so as recently as 1/2014 but he never did.
Per MAT policy, a response is due to employees who took a chance with their careers to bring matters of great importance to the attention of the MCCCD administration. You may contact Kerry Mitchell, Past MAT Executive President or Cecilia Quiroz, Past PSA President for additional details regarding this grievance.
The Chancellor’s choice to ignore MAT policy and employee grievances have cost MCCCD millions of dollars and severely damaged its reputation in the community. We are now asking the MCCCD Governing Board to take these matters into their hands per MAT policy and Dr. Glasper’s lack of response.
Here are the documents we are enclosing for your review:
13 – Original employee IT grievance filed in October 2012 (see page 4 for security warnings).
13b – Cover letter for IT grievance.
14a – Email sent to Dr. Glasper on 10/2012 by MAT and PSA Presidents bringing the grievance to his attention.
14b – Email from Dr. Glasper acknowledging his receipt of grievance.
15 –  One of six emails sent by IT employees regarding this grievance and requesting that the grievance be addressed. This email cites financial risks to Maricopa if the grievance continues to be ignored.
16 – Response from Dr. Glasper to emails sent by employees.
29 – Response from Kerry Mitchell (MAT President) to more request from the grievants to please get a response from the Administration
34 – Yet another request sent by Kerry Mitchell to Dr. Glasper to please respond to the grievance.
36 – Yet another response from Dr. Glasper apologizing and stating that he will work on it with HR.
As you can see, we have given Dr. Glasper every opportunity to respond to this grievance. He never responded and MCCCD is now in a very dire situation.
We request that the Governing Board hire an independent investigator to look into these matters. Furthermore, we are asking that the Board puts a hold on further disciplinary actions to ITS personnel until the issues on this grievance are addressed by the Board. 

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